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The Automobile has left its roots behind to become our main source of mobility and freedom, and its influence on our daily lives has become tremendous. Over time, the artistic expression of a car has given it a true social reference; it has become a reflection of ourselves and of how we want to be perceived by others.  This goes well beyond the primary function of the Automobile, that of simply being a mode of individual transport.


Today, we pay tribute through the Concours d'Elégance to the talent of designers, craftsmen and manufacturers, creators of this art form that has inevitably shaped our daily life.


The Concours d'Elégance Suisse will therefore celebrate this heritage with an exhibition of rare and prestigious automobiles, which left a mark on their era by their performance, design or innovation.


We highly encourage entrants to dress in period.

The official classes and special display for the 2022 Concours d'Elégance Suisse are:

Homage Display


Carrozzeria BERTONE, 110th anniversary

(Please note this display will not be judged, but will be elligible for Special Awards)

Judged Classes*


A-1    1920 - 1929         Coupés & Cabriolets

A-2   1920 - 1929         Sedans (open or closed)

A-3   1930 - 1939         Coupés & Cabriolets

A-4   1930 - 1939         Sedans (open or closed)

B-1    Avions-Voisin     103rd Anniversary

C-1    1945 - 1958         America's Golden Age

C-2   1959 - 1969         America's Sixties

D-1   Art & Precision     The Swiss Coachbuilders

People's Choice vote*


E-1    Jaguar Type-E, 61st Anniversary

F-1    Aston Martin AMV8, 50th Anniversary

G-1   1945 - 1985    (Classes will be determined later)

H-1   Supercars


*The Class listing may change depending on the list of entrants.  Likewise the list of judged classes may change accordingly.


Entrants may choose to opt out of judging although being displayed in a judged class.

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