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Photos by Michael Furman, Amy Shore

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Classes & Jury

The Automobile has left its roots behind to become our main source of mobility and freedom, and its influence on our daily lives has become tremendous. Over time, the artistic expression of a car has given it a true social reference; it has become a reflection of ourselves and of how we want to be perceived by others.  This goes well beyond the primary function of the Automobile, that of simply being a mode of individual transport.


Today, we pay tribute through the Concours d'Elégance to the talent of designers, craftsmen and manufacturers, creators of this art form that has inevitably shaped our daily life.


The Concours d'Elégance Suisse will therefore celebrate this heritage with an exhibition of rare and prestigious automobiles, which left a mark on their era by their performance, design or innovation.  Following the tradition of proper Concours d'Elégance, these cars will be displayed in various classes according to their period, bodywork, preservation or make. 



Below the official classes for the 2019 Concours d'Elégance Suisse:

(list subject to change without notice)

A-1    125th anniversary Delahaye: open coach

A-2   125th anniversary Delahaye: closed coach


B-1    110th anniversary Bugatti: Racing legends

B-2   110th anniversary Bugatti: Sport elegance


C-1    100th anniversary Bentley: Racing legends

C-2   100th anniversary Bentley: Pre-war elegance

C-3   100th anniversary Bentley: Post-war elegance


D-1   Homage to André Lefèbvre: Citroën Traction

D-2  Homage to André Lefèbvre: Citroën DS

D-3  Homage to André Lefèbvre: Citroën 2CV

E-1    100th anniversary Carrosserie Henri Chapron

E-2   Swiss coachbuilders


F-1    60th anniversary of the Mini: Homage to Sir Alec Issigonis


G-1    Ferrari, front engines

G-2   Ferrari, rear engines


H-1   1940-1970 Sports Cars

H-2  1940 - 1970 Berlines


I-1     Futures Classics: 1970-1979 Sport GT

I-2    Futures Classics: 1980-1985 Sport GT

We highly encourage entrants to dress in period.  Although it will have no influence on class ranking, each class will be awarded a special prize for the most elegant crew.



Whilst the cars selected for the Concours d'Elégance must be the finest, it is no different with the selection of the Jury since, with their experience and knowledge, they will set these automobiles as benchmarks of authenticity and beauty. Each car will thus be judged on the smallest details against several criteria that have been drawn up by the Jury, and which are often referred for contemporary Concours d'Elégance.


Indeed, today the main purpose of a Concours d'Elégance has slightly deviated from its origins, since the cars presented in the show are no longer contemporary cars, but historical pieces that bear testimony to the wealth of our automobile culture and heritage.


The Authenticity Jury will judge on criteria of authenticity, originalty or preservation, the presence of period features and, if applicable, the quality and integrity of its restoration.   The Authenticity Jury includes members of the jury from the most important international Concours.  The judging relies on a detailed appreciation of a variety of elements on the car being judged.  Points will be deducted for errors and defects that do not respect authenticity, leading to the final class results.

The Elegance Jury will appreciate the elegance of the line of the automobile, its influence or reflection of an era as well as the style of the crews.  The Elegance Jury includes key figures from the Automotive industry, Fashion, Architecture and Art.


Both Jury will collaborate, with the guidance of the President of the Jury and the Chairman of the Concours, to define class winners to the most authentic and spectacular automobiles of the Concours.  The Best of Show will be awarded among the class winners.