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Write your car down in history!

We invite you to choose one of the 2 packages offered below and submit your application with ease, in a 100% digital way.


Selection committee

Comité de sélection

The Selection Committee, made up of five members, selects the automobiles   which will be accepted in the Competition. Cars that have not been selected for this edition will be reconsidered as a priority for the following editions. : a presentation with respect for authenticity, a history linked to Switzerland (sold new in Switzerland, always kept in Switzerland, presented at the Geneva Motor Show, etc.) as well as the cars having belonged to the same family for several generations.

Classes et expositions spéciales
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Classes and special exhibitions

The 7th edition of the Concours d'Elegance celebrating "100 years of Style, Design and Innovations", offers you a wide choice of classes for cars from 1920 to 1985!  As every year, our organization will take care of including your automobile in the appropriate class. This year, the Design Pavilion will pay tribute to the genius of Master Giovanni Michelotti with an intervention by his son, Edgardo Michelotti, who will share anecdotes about his father's story with you. The winning prizes will be awarded to the winners of the classes, as well as a number of Exceptional Prizes:Best Conservation Award, Spirit of Conservation Award, Best Restoration Award, Crew Elegance Award, Jury President Award,  Innovation Award and Audience Award(list subject to change). The award ceremony will close with the awarding of two Grand Prix winners:  The Grand Prix d'Elegance and the Grand Prix du Son. The number of registrants being limited, we invite you to register as soon as possible.

The list of classes* is available here: B-1 Giovanni Michelotti, Style & Innovation C-1 Porsche 75th Anniversary D-1 AC 70th anniversary E-1 Lamborghini 60th anniversary F-1 Art & Precision: The Swiss Coachbuilders G-1 Pre-War Elegance, 1930-1939 J-1 The American Dream, 1945 - 1969 K-1 Modern Icons, Road & Track K-2 Modern Icons, Elegance & Speed K-3 Modern Icons, Elégance de Ville L-1 The cars of the Geneva International Motor Show M-1 Hot Rods R-1 Rebels *subject to change

Le jury

The Authenticity and Elegance jury

The Concours d'Elegance Suisse pays tribute to the style, mechanics and very function of the automobile.  Thus the appreciation made by the jury goes beyond aesthetics must take into account the function of the car: that of being driven.  This assessment will be taken into account by the Jury so as not to penalize owners who continue to drive their cars.     Indeed, the "Competition condition", often considered as a selection criterion, should not refer to the state of cleanliness or the perfection of the restoration of an automobile. It is the intrinsic qualities of the automobile that will be retained, especially in consideration of the age and normal use that should be made of these automobiles.  Therefore, the Competition appeal to a Jury of Authenticity, which will judge the cars according to strict criteria of appreciation considering the respect of the authenticity and the history of the car presented.  This position aims to encourage near-original preservation, whether automobiles have been restored or not.  


The Jury of Elegance, for its part, will have to judge the beauty of the line of the bodies, their influence in the history of the Automobile and finally the elegance of the competing crews.


These two juries will work together, under the aegis of the President of the Jury and the President of the Competition, to award the class winner prizes to the most authentic and spectacular automobiles. of the Competition will be given to one of the cars having won its class.  The Grand Prix du Son will be given to the car with the best sound.

Informations complémentaires
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Further information

Dress code: Elegance and style is the order of the day at the Concours d'Elegance Suisse. It is not necessary for competing crews to dress in period costumes, however we encourage them to dress with style and elegance to present their car to the Jury. An Special Award will be awarded to the most elegant competitor. For the opening cocktail on Friday evening: casual attire worn during the day. For the Charity Dinner to benefit the Theodora Foundation: Cocktail dress for the ladies and jacket for the men (without tie).

Meals: Apart from the opening cocktail on Friday evening, you have three choices for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Reserve your seats in the private restaurant of the Drivers Lounge (see map) Lunch in the self-service restaurant (see map - no reservations possible) Bring your own picnic for a lunch on the grass You will find several bars (Drivers Lounge, Public Restaurant, Café des Vignerons) with water, soft drinks, beer, wine and champagne for sale

Hotel : To better welcome you and guide you in your hotel reservations, we invite you to book your stay as soon as possible by contacting our partner hotel: Everness Hotel & Resort +41 22 960 8181

Parking: Several parking spaces will be available for participants and our visitors, near the main entrance of the concours: A trailer parking area where you can leave your trailer during the weekend (night security) . A parking area for classic and contemporary sports cars. A map and access passes will be sent to you with your confirmation of participation.

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